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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Private Money

12 More advantages of private money…

1. The ability to get money fast often allows you to snap up good deals at a discount.

2. There are no credit checks, and the loan doesn’t show up on your credit report.

3. You have access to a potentially unlimited source of funds.

4. Since you set the rules, you’re in control - not the bank.

5. You can help your friends and family make extra money, and meet a great network of people.

6. You can get some of your profit when you buy property by borrowing more than the cost of the property.

7. You’ll have the flexibility to do deals that banks might question (like my no-furnace bargain).

8. You can make offers with confidence. No worries about bank delays or being denied financing.

9. You can structure quick and more profitable exit strategies.

10. You’ll save money on the deal in the short run and long run.

11. Private money loans are cheaper than investing with a partner.

12. You can build the foundation for a very profitable brokerage business.

Best of all, if you treat your private lenders right, they’ll be there for you again and again when you find hot opportunities in the future.

Many investors have watched a deal slip through their hands while they waited for a bank to approve their loan. Once you have private money available, that won’t happen to you. You can make an offer knowing you can go ahead and set a closing date… and leave your competition wondering how you did it so quickly.


To be a successful entrepreneur, you need five things:

1. A product that delivers a benefit people already want at a price they’re willing to pay…

2. A strategy that puts your sales copy in front of your best prospects…

3. Great headlines and lead copy that compel them to read your sales message…

4. Sales copy that convincingly presents the reasons why the prospect should buy and overcomes any objections he might have, and…

5. A quick, easy way for him to order.

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