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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The P Game...

Programme: B+
We have a good idea how to make the initial sale (where to go to find prospects, how to intrigue them, how to sell them the first time) and how to sell them after that.

Product: A
We have great products. Really great products. Walt creates them, and he understands what makes a product great.

Prospects: C
So far, we are only scratching the surface in terms of identifying good media for our advertising. We are gradually expanding our marketable universe each month by about 2,000 prospects, but we should - and will one day - be growing our prospect file by 10 times that number. That is something we have to work on in a serious way.

Proposition: A-
The offer - what you charge for your product, the payment terms, and the guarantee - is critical to any business. In Walt's business, we have a very good idea of what that should be. That idea is based on my experience - more than 10 years in the industry - and from being able to see what our competitors are doing. There are certainly things about the offer that we can test - particularly in the area of continuity sales - but, for the most part, we believe we understand how to form our selling propositions.

People: B-
The employees that we have are very good, but to do a better job of expanding the business's marketable universe and improve operations we will need two more superstars. Getting them is our top priority right now.

Promotions: A
feel confident that you have the creative power to produce good promotions now and in the future.

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