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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Oil-importing nations have been watching closely for decades. Oil priced at $100 and up will cut profits at airlines, railroads and trucking companies, to name a few. Putting unprecedented pressure on vital infrastructure and services...
Because just as pouring glue into a cassette deck will slow down, and eventually stop the music... pouring higher and higher priced oil into our economy will slow down, and at some point hold America in place to be squashed between history and the pavement.

That's why the Advanced Energy Initiative was lainched, stating:
a national goal of replacing more than 75% of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025
we're on the verge of breakthroughs in two vital areas -- how we power our homes and businesses... and how we power our cars
and a 22% increase in funding for alternative energy research
Yet, skeptics always claim alternative energies cost more -- and can't survive without heavy government subsidies.
Here's an overlooked fact: traditional energy industries are also subsidized by billions of dollars each year. There are oil depletion allowances, special treatment on coal royalties, overseas oil refinery credits, intangible drilling costs, and the list goes on.
"With America on the verge of breakthroughs in advanced energy technologies, the best way to break the addiction to foreign oil is through new technology."

The days of giving breaks to big oil companies are numbered. You see, on November 8, 2006 Democrats swept into the House and Senate poised to ignite an all-out alternative energy revolution. If you don't believe me, just check out House Energy Bill HR6!
Right now it's not hard to figure out which way the wind is blowing...
And you can bet a handful of financial power players recognize it's not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when certain alternative energy investments will take off... they see a government-funding avalanche and favorable treatment for new energy initiatives... that's why:

Wall Street's elite are RIGHT NOW betting billions on alternative energy!
According to The Economist, total investment in alternative energy last year was $63 billion, up from $49 billion the year before, and up from $30 billion the year before that. In other words, total investment in alternative energy just doubled in the last 2 years...
BusinessWeek calls alternative energy "Wall Street's new love affair."

The Wall Street Journal asked Ray Lane -- venture capital backer of Google, Amazon, and Netscape -- if this boom looked to be bigger than the Internet, or as big... "This is bigger than the Internet by an order of magnitude. Maybe two." he answered.
Just how big is that? An "order of magnitude" is an approximation of size using powers of ten. Meaning this legendary Internet investor believes the alternative energy boom will be 10 to 100 times bigger than the Internet revolution!
"The clean-energy business is turning into the next big investment boom."-- The Economist, November 24, 2006
Source: Clean Edge, Nth Power
Another Internet pioneer, Bill Joy -- co-founder of Sun Microsystems -- is so convinced of the profit potential he says he has no doubt "we are at the point of new wealth creation."
In other words, the guys first in line for hundreds of billions during the Internet boom believe the coming alternative energy boom will be at least TEN TIMES as big.

That's why, as we speak, large investment banks are jumping on board... only rather than taking these companies public, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan "are choosing to own these alternative energy companies outright so they can keep the profits for themselves," according to BusinessWeek.
Multibillion-dollar hedge fund groups like SAC Capital Advisors and D.E. Shaw & Co. have started investing in geothermal energy, ethanol and wind power... World leading insurer American International Group is steering private equity investments into alternative energy projects...
This kind of rare potential for profits has some of the world's most successful business leaders investing hundreds of millions -- and in some cases billions -- of their own money as well.

Take a look...

Warren Buffett just invested $385 million in wind power... Bill Gates is betting on fuel additives... Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin are investing in solar... famed Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson is putting $400 million into a biofuel plant... and Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric, plans to put $3 billion into alternative energy ventures by 2008...
With ten times the wealth potential of the Internet boom, it's no wonder the world's most wealthy and powerful elite are piling in!
Yet, most individual investors are still on the sideline
A recent survey by the Calvert Group found that while about 85% of investors believe there is money to be made from investing in alternative energy, only about 20% of investors have brought up the subject with a financial advisor.

Here's the upshot for you: this gap between powerful Wall Street players beginning to invest... and the vast majority of investors STILL A YEAR OR SO AWAY... creates a unique opportunity. With all the characteristics successful investors look for over and over again...
The majority of people aren't paying attention to alternative energy investments -- yet. Few people know how to capitalize on them. This gives us a window of opportunity of about 12 to 24 months before the herd catches on.

Over the next few years, we expect the 4 investments described just ahead to shoot way up in value. And our tight-knit group (more on this group in a split second) to make a Foolish pile of profits when they do...
I promise to tell you everything I can here. Then I'm going to ask you to accept a very special invitation, and I'm pretty sure you're going to like that too.
But first, that tight-knit group I just mentioned... they're called Motley Fool Rule Breakers. And they specialize in finding opportunities that could put you in on the ground floor of the BIGGEST GROWTH STORIES of the next 10 or 15 years!

This forward-looking group is headed by Motley Fool Co-founder David Gardner -- a legendary growth investor with a remarkable knack for uncovering breakthrough companies way ahead of the masses. A few of David's career picks include:

eBay in 1999... Starbucks in 1998... AOL in 1994... Amgen in 1998... and Amazon in 1997!
And more recently, David and his Rule Breakers team recommended stocks up 117%... 127%... 167%... 276%... and 295% -- all in under 3 years!
But I didn't email you to chirp about our recent success. I contacted you to show you what we're recommending next. And how it can have a dramatic effect on your personal wealth.
So if getting in early on the alternative energy boom -- what could be among the greatest investment stories ever told -- is something you might be interested in, I urge you to read on. That's because the Rule Breakers team just completed a powerful new report featuring The Motley Fool's Top 4 Alternative Energy Investments...

But first, a word of warning: the months and years ahead will NOT play out the way a lot of self-described experts are saying. So-called stock gurus, and energy pundits, and their "one amazing stock shot" approach has virtually zero chance of succeeding.
That's because we're moving into a period of dramatic opportunity where different sources of energy will be optimized to meet specific needs. It's why we spent a considerable amount of time and resources -- informed by some of the world's top CEOs, market strategists, and even a noble prize-winning economist -- putting together 4 special corresponding energy investments for the next 10 to 15 years...

this company owns a huge chunk of substantially growing market, is protected by close ties to government agencies, and with 2 breakthrough technologies emerging, this stock has massive upside!

a pure play on the soaring demand for solar power. This company has great margins, a sustainable competitive advantage, and a lit fuse with a wide-open sky waiting!

RECYCLING FOSSIL FUELS... this company makes coal dust look good. Revenue is up just 14%, and earnings just jumped 69%!

this investment spreads our bets around in a unique way. Giving your portfolio a strong dose of only the most profitable technologies!
I can't wait to give you the full details of these 4 potential fortune makers. And I will... but you still might be wondering why 4 different investments?
As I just mentioned, we project a number of alternative energies will be used in the near future. For example, solar for portable devices. Fuel cells for telecommunications. Wind makes sense in certain places. And so does nuclear... Now consider the gold rush again for a moment. And how you would've profited from owning shares in both the Union Pacific and Wells Fargo.

Also, look for a period of creative destruction and consolidation like in the early automobile revolution... when shares in Ford Motor Co would've been a great investment and would've more than offset an investment in say, Tucker Automotive...
Or consider David Gardner's investments of the 1990s. David had the vision to buy Dell, Amazon and AOL in the early days... That's why he can't be faulted for also buying Wang Computer. You see, his mega-winners more than made up his occasional, and inevitable, losing investment.

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