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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Health & Safety Advise

If you think health and safety isn’t important in your company, think again. The Department of Labour is clamping down and doing more workplace inspections.

A lot of companies aren’t too worried about implementing health and safety in their workplace. On the one hand, management doesn’t want to spend money to implement health and safety. On the other, companies that do have health and safety policies, can’t get their employees to follow the procedures.Most people only realise the problem when an accident happens.

They get a visit from the Department of Labour, the employer gets laid with criminal charges and the business is shut down – which can cost some companies millions!Only then do they ask why procedures were not in place or followed correctly. Only then do they start to see how important health and safety is. By then, its too late.

• Recognise safety hazards without leaving your desk
• Implement effective safety procedures and regulations
• Prevent accidents before they happen
• Make sure you pass your health and safety inspection with flying colours
• Plus, save you thousands, maybe millions, of rand.


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