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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pump Up Your Income

1. Invest in property.

You can make money - even in a down market - by buying properties that (a) are selling for well below their market value and (b) are in up-and-coming areas that have been untouched by the real estate "bubble". And property investing is a very passive form of income. After you've done the initial legwork of finding properties and lenders, you can sit back and let your properties appreciate. You can also collect rent, without lifting a finger.
Read this report for some tips about buying property at half-price:

2. Get a raise.

No matter how low you are on your company's food chain, you can get above-average raises. All you need to do is insert yourself into your company's profit stream. Contribute to your company's profits. Become skilled in selling, marketing, product development or profit management.

3. Start your own business.

This is possibly THE BEST way to supercharge your income. Create an Internet-driven business based on something you're interested in and/or already know something about, and you could wind up making six (or even
seven) figures in a few short years.

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